The overall theme led us to chromolux paper with an uncoated backside and a shiny front. A japanese binding enabled us to literally translate the thought of "the backside of things" which are just invisible to the observer. On the inside, we risoprinted pictures of the diploma process and a portrait in either purple or green, depending on the degree program. And on the outside, a sleek black and white picture of the result with its description.

We developed a walking tour through the exhibition rooms and designed the catalogues order analog to it. Additionally, the color code was reoccurring in the exhibits overview and the signage throughout the exhibition and the exhibited projects.
A special effect were the fluorescent elements throughout the process. A moon silk-screened on the party tickets, the posters, stickers and decoration.

Check out my teammates Lilian Lautenschläger, Wiebke Werner, Stefanie Häffner.